La Costa Beach is a private beach located in the Malibu area of California. It is a gated beach community that is only accessible to residents and their guests. The beach itself is situated at the base of a cliff and is surrounded by expensive homes, many of which are owned by celebrities and wealthy individuals. La Costa Beach is known for its seclusion and privacy, and for the luxurious lifestyle that comes with living in such a prestigious area.

The La Costa community has a beach club that is exclusively for its members and their guests, it features a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a beachfront playground for kids. The community also has private access to the beach, which is staffed with lifeguards during the summer months.

La Costa beach has a great surf spot, and it's popular among surfers, although it can be difficult to access due to the private nature of the community. The beach is also great for swimming and sunbathing and it has a beautiful view of the ocean and the surrounding cliffs.

It should be noted that the private nature of this community, the general public is not allowed to access the beach or the beach club, and it's restricted to residents and their guests.